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I recently saw Derek Sivers video of “How to Start a Movement” and it caused me to pause and consider what it must feel like to be a “first follower”.

In the video, a “lone nut” is in the middle of crowd jumping and waving his arms about. My first thought is “what a dope” (how judgmental and narrow-minded am I?). I give the guy credit because that is a pretty big matzo ball to be hanging out there. But what about the first to follow and join the lone nut.

Derek makes the point that the first follower turns the lone nut into a leader. More specifically, that first follower is the one that makes it “safer” for others to join in and creates an environment that makes the movement possible.

I have never been a first follower and after seeing Derek’s video, I wish I had been.

You don’t get many opportunities to be the first follower. If you happen get one, take it. I certainly will.