Welcome to cloud visions

Cloud Visions is a Boston-based advisory services firm and think tank serving clients globally in the development of enterprise strategies and maximizing the value derived from technology investments with an emphasis on Cloud computing.

As Principal Strategist of Cloud Visions, Michael Baylor is a noted prescient global visionary. Through Cloud Visions, he builds insights that inform business and technology strategies that are aligned with long-term objectives and that effectively manage risks and create and leverage opportunities for success.

Whether explaining a new technology, analyzing a trend, or expressing a perspective, Michael brings clarity, accuracy, and balance through his strategic insights. His insights on enterprise and technology optimization help his clients see below the tip of the iceberg and navigate the complexity inherent in the business and to make needed strategic changes that have a lasting impact.

The firm is the realization of a vision Michael developed after living, working, observing and learning on five continents. The experience provided a global perspective on innovation across multiple cultures and contexts and resulted in the development of insights that can only be gained through a multi-national lens.

Cloud Visions delivers the insights necessary for our clients to make the right decisions, every day. From CIO’s and senior IT leaders in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders, professional services firms, to technology investors, we are a strategic partner to clients in more than 20 countries.

Through research, executive advisory and mentoring programs, consulting and speaking events, Michael personally provides guidance to companies around the world on enterprise strategy, technology optimization and cloud computing in order to understand, use, and make better strategic decisions about new technology.

computational anthropology

This is a series of treatises intended to examine technological innovation with a concentration on strategy, culture and context as opposed to a technical inquiry which I will leave to others who possess far greater depth and breadth of understanding of that field of research.

Computational Anthropology is the study of computing technology and its impact on business culture (attitudes, values and social status).

technological evolution and the impact on business culture

The business culture has become its technologies and is an expression of its technologies — in the same way that an ecosystem emerges from its species. If a business’ culture consists of its technologies, then it automatically changes the moment you change any of the technologies. Just as any ecosystem changes when a new species is introduced, changes reverberate throughout the entire business when the technology is altered, and not just in the parts directly impacted by what has occurred.

context and its influence on business culture 

Context is the circumstances and events that shape many aspects of the organizational culture that influence technology adoption.